What to Consider When Deciding to Renew or Redesign Your Hospital Uniforms?

  • Apr 11, 2023

Design is not just about making things look nice, it’s not just about making things work. A design that has been well thought out creates an experience, tells a story, and makes people feel something. How a nursing home or hospital is designed can make it feel more like home and less like a hospital. It can be seen in the color of the walls, the feel of the fabrics on the furniture, and the style, color, and story behind the uniforms. All of these details work together like a song, subtly humming the tune of your brand and what you want it to mean to people who see it.



Scrubs, wash-and-wear blouses, tops, elasticized pants with pockets, shirts, and knitwear are some of the must-have uniform items in healthcare, and the fits and fabrics of these items are at the forefront of their design. 

Lab uniforms are no longer just an item with your company’s logo embroidered. Healthcare is about the whole look, from head to toe, including accessories like nurses’ pouches.



When Career Uniforms designs a new uniform for a healthcare worker, the designer considers all aspects of how it works, looks, and fits. Functionality is at the heart of any good design. For healthcare uniforms, this means fabrics that are easy to clean, matches that are practical and comfortable, and clothes that can stand up to the long hours and physical nature of our healthcare workers’ jobs.



Fashion is often overlooked when making Lab uniforms. Still, it is essential to ensure your brand is represented correctly and that your employees feel good because they know they look good. At this stage of the design process, the brand colors and marketing strategy are looked at. The working environment and the colors and tones of the apparel are also considered.

A well-thought-out design considers all parts, including how the uniform fits into the workplace, the brand’s colors, and the overall message. At this stage, how your brand is woven into the design starts to come together. Color combinations are looked at, the meanings of colors are thought about, and trims and contrast start to come together.

If you work in the healthcare field, making new medical scrubs and putting together a lab uniform catalog for your staff probably is not at the top of your priority list. However, you should not forget how important it is to have a good, uniform solution.

When Career Uniforms designs custom healthcare uniforms for your staff, we take care that everyone looks professional, feels comfortable, and helps keep the workplace safe and clean. Creating a new set of uniforms can even be fun.



Your patients, visitors, and the rest of the world see your organization through your employees’ attire. Making sure the clothes look good on your employees will help your brand. Your employees will be happier and more productive if they wear tunics and lab scrubs that let them move around as much as they need to do their jobs. They will like clothes made to make them feel good, especially during those long shifts.

However, choosing lab uniforms is about more than how they look and feel. Suppose your employees are likely to meet germs, viruses, or other harmful substances at work. In that case, their medical scrubs must be made of solid, clean materials that will be less likely to absorb harmful pathogens bacteria or spread infections. 

Your healthcare clothing should be easy to clean and have no holes where bacteria could get in. This will help keep your staff and patients as safe as possible.



If you are ready to start designing your new lab uniforms range, we’ve broken the process down into five easy steps to show you how easy it can be:


Start From the Top

Check out our large selection of health tops and shirts. They are made of high-quality materials and come in all the sizes, colors, and styles you need to fit your employees and your brand. You can find general easy-care shirts, blouses, polo tops, and products made for the healthcare industry, whether you run a hospital, dental clinic, or other healthcare center.


Scrub Up

Lab Technicians, nurses, and anyone else whose job puts them in contact with dangerous substances daily must wear medical scrubs. Find scrub tops and scrub pants that you like and wear them together. You will have many options for every role, from every length to every fit, with a choice of openings and as many pockets as you need.


Step it Up a Notch

Being on your feet all day can be hard on your body, so you should ensure that your valued employees’ shoes give them the support they need. The right shoes will keep your employees’ feet comfortable and safe all day and give them a better grip on wet or slippery floors.


Do Not Forget About Layers.

When choosing your healthcare work clothes, you must consider all four seasons. When it gets colder, your employees will be warm and comfortable in quality wool knits, pullovers, and cardigans that you add to their uniforms.


Add the Final Changes

Ensure you have thought of all the little details by giving nurses accessories like nametags, pouches, and belts with your logo. Even digital spoons and other promotional items with your logo can help get the word out about your organization’s extraordinary work.

When you have picked out everything, we will turn your custom uniform range into your personalized uniform catalog. 


Design Your Unique Uniform Solution Today  

Jobs in the healthcare industry require a lot of physical labor, long hours, and meeting various other special requirements. Experts in lab uniforms, we have all the nursing scrubs, tunics, and other medical wear you need to look good and meet the needs of the industry.

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