Trends Of 2022 Workwear

  • Apr 11, 2023

Workwear is clothing that is worn for work, particularly manual labor. Workwear is frequently chosen by those employed in trade industries because it is designed to provide durability and safety. The workwear clothing industry is expanding and customers have a variety of retailers to choose from. Chains that have committed to the $1 billion and rising workwear business report consistent annual gains of 6% to 8% in men’s workwear.

With the ongoing complications of the pandemic and its attendant variants, everyone’s return to work will look different. Some have returned to their offices, while others have embraced the latest era of working from home, and still others are juggling some combination of the two. Many people  believe that 2022 is the year for a professional wardrobe refresh.

“People have gained confidence in dressing themselves in a more comfortable, self-expressive manner,” says Katherine Greenberg, vice president of women’s apparel at Neiman Marcus. Throughout history, the concept of workwear has not been challenged nearly as much as other types of fashion. The last major shift in professional wardrobes occurred in the 1850s, when women began to adopt tailored elements inspired by men’s traditional suiting on a more mainstream level.

The pandemic prompted another rethinking of what constitutes appropriate office attire, and to some extent accelerated changes that were already in the works. Prior to the pandemic, people preferred more comfortable clothes and said, ‘Well, we should really be able to wear jeans to work.'” Some offices should allow us to wear flat shoes.  With the pandemic, people were increasingly wearing comfortable sweatshirts, t-shirts, and sneakers to work once a week and weren’t running into very many people.” Some people are overjoyed because it means they can dress up again.

Nonetheless, not everyone returning to work is demanding a drastic change in the dress code. According to a LinkedIn poll conducted in February, 47 percent of female and non-binary full-time workers in the United States are looking forward to getting dressed for work again, while 37 percent are looking for a new work wardrobe. The good news is that there is a happy medium in 2022, you can wear something comfortable to work while still looking glam. We asked stylists and fashion experts for their best tips on how to strike that perfect balance.


Some Key factors that will have an influence or impact on trends of 2022 workwear according to industry experts and analysts are described below

  • Choosing an Ensemble That Sparks Joy – Fashion is all about fun expression, and your office attire can and should reflect that post-pandemic. Dress in outfits that make you happy. Walk on the wild side with a cutout for more saucy flair.
  • Statement Pieces Have the Potential to Start Conversations – If the social aspect of returning to work has you considering calling in sick, Conroy tells In Style that a great outfit can be an excellent ice breaker. Try a striped outfit in black and white, or a 3D floral blossom blouse and muted pants. Both are excellent conversation starters that will come in handy when you return to the office.
  • Comfort is still essential – Home is where the heart is, but it’s also where your belongings are, such as your fluffy slippers, comfortable couch, and favorite snacks. Fashion designer Ramy Brook emphasizes the importance of comfort when transitioning from your space to an office space. During the pandemic, many people turned to athleisure, and incorporating that style into office-appropriate looks is definitely part of the transition now and that fashion, fun, and comfort will be the three pillars of office dressing in 2022. The stylists usually wear a dress or a jumpsuit. A one-and-done piece that is simple but stylish and can be accessorized with fun jewelry, a gold chain belt, and either a heel or a flat, depending on the persons schedule and mood!.
  • Maintaining a Neutral Layer at Work Desk – Offices have a reputation for being either too stuffy or brutally cold. Storing a jacket behind your chair to combat the cold during the upcoming summer months, when offices are notorious for cranking up the A.C. Preferably something neutral or denim that can be layered over a variety of looks.
  • Leggings are now considered pants – Leggings are evolving into more pant-like silhouettes as a result of cropped, flared hems. Think business-casual with flats and a button-down, rather than Soulcycle. We’re only scratching the surface of how stylish elasticized pants can be.
  • Jeans Are Getting a Second Chance – As we return to the office, we should focus on what we’re wearing from the waist down. There is a growing desire to wear ‘real’ clothing rather than sweats and athleisure. Now is the ideal time to splurge on a great pair of jeans.
  • Putting on the Favorite Blazer will be a good choice – Blazers are one of those pieces of clothing that can be worn from brunch to the boardroom and look great in either setting. Its versatility and classic vibe make it an excellent piece to have in your back-to-work arsenal. A structured blazer will stand the test of time in the workplace because it’s a timeless wardrobe staple that can instantly elevate a casual look while remaining comfortable and on-trend according to fashion experts.
  • Matching sets continue to reign supreme – According to wardrobe stylist Caitlin Saucier, matching sets are an easy way to look chic while still feeling like you’re wearing pajamas. For those who are really concerned with comfort, stock up on matching silk or knit sets depending on where you live.
  • White Sneakers Have Replaced Dress Shoes – Wearing a sleek white pair of designer sneakers with sundresses, denim, and even suiting will not be a bad idea in the long run.
  • Adding a Pantsuit to Wardrobe will be a good idea – Power suits are perfect for formal conferences, speaking engagements and meetings, but one of the best thing about them is their versatility. You can mix and match the suit separates with items already in your closet to create a variety of outfits using the same set.
  • Trying a tank dress as a basic preference will always be beneficial – A solid foundation is essential for any outfit, and according to experts, tank dresses are a must-have, especially if you can find one that’s solid and fitted. It can be dressed up with the right supporting pieces, such as a formal outerwear piece and closed-toe shoe for an investor meeting, or dressed down with a cute pair of sandals.

Wearing a suit to work in 2022 may no longer feel like playing dress-up. In an uncertain workplace, a more mature wardrobe for the day may be one approach to feeling more comfortable and, well, at home. It’s wishful thinking, but isn’t that the point of fashion? and today’s more daring dressers do as well. They’re the ones who trade slouch for structure, sweats for sequins, and Zoom tops for head-to-toe Emily in Paris looks. It might be time for the rest of us to follow in their footsteps.  “The focus now is on comfort, while keeping it polished. To achieve this look, focusing on more deconstructed, less-structured pieces that pay homage to the clothes you used to wear to the office, but with a practicality meets functionality spin”.

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